Feliz Natal

Having lived in the U.K. for over a decade, I caught the card-bug. The British are champions when it comes to sending cards. Entire high street shops are dedicated to them. You can also find cards for every occasion you can imagine and others for things you can't imagine!! Maybe that is why I got into card making too!! Isn't it lovely to receive a (handmade) card from a real person whishing you all sorts of good things amongst bills, junk mail and useless reminders from companies? Sure, we should be eco-friendly and save paper, but many cards (mine included) are made of recycled paper nowadays.

So, here I was this year, wondering what to send for my own personal Christmas cards... Of course, I had to use my brown recycled paper and maybe incorporate some elements of things I sell in my shop. But I also wanted them to feel more personal and be multilingual, of course! 

No two cards are the same. I am really pleased with the end result. Nothing beats receiving a lovely handmade note in your daily mail (with a real old-fashioned stamp). Hope my family and friends like them too!

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