Mini holiday culture swap

27 Nov 2012

A couple of weeks ago, we signed up for the Winter Holidays Mini-Swap 2012. I had been wanting to sign up for the worldwide culture swap for a long time. The idea is that you send 3 to 5 items representing your country to another family somewhere in the world. But I thought our daughter was still a little young to appreciate it. But when I saw the mini holiday one, I thought we could start with that. At almost 3, she is starting to understand the concept of Christmas.
Winter holidays mini-swap

We got matched up with a family from Pennsylvania, USA. So, we put together a little parcel with some items representing Germany. It is not that easy to do when you have only been living in the country for 18 months and have only seen one Christmas here!

In the end our packet contained:
- a traditional wooden German ornament
- a gingerbread man to decorate (not sure if this is really German but it is fun)
- a magazine full of winter craft activities for kids (I know it is in German, but the pictures are enough, trust me)
- some Stollen bites
and because none of us are German, a bit about our countries:
- recipes and a little history about traditional Christmas cakes in our countries (Stollen/Germany, Christmas pudding/U.K., bûche de noël/France, bolo Rei/Portugal)
- a DIY English Christmas cracker with a surprise inside (because this our favourite Xmas tradition).

All wrapped up in a nice burlap bag with a handmade card and gift tag.
Hope they like it.

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