A very big portion of my blog is dedicated to raising multilingual children. Below, you can find out the reasons for it, some favourite articles of mine and other useful links. 

Researcher turned mum to quadrilingual children

I used to be a researcher in linguistics. You can read more about my own professional credentials here.

We are also a multilingual family and language is very important to us. On a daily basis, we use and hear four languages: French, English, Portuguese and German. You can read more about us and how it works for us here.

Research-based articles

As I used to be a linguistics researcher, I love writing about language and multilingualism in particular. But I have come to realise that the theory is very different to putting it in practice with your own children. You can read some articles based on actual language research here. I like to base my articles on scientific facts!

You can also visit my non-exhaustive list of research findings showing the advantages of being multilingual.

However, as I became aware when becoming a mum, raising multilingual children is not a one-size-fits-all kind of affair. We love reading about other families' experiences with multilingualism. Here is a little collection we have gathered along the way. The varied situations and language set-up show us that there is NOT one best method to raise multilingual kids.

Read more about language and multilingualism in the archives of this blog:

A few years back, a lovely group of bloggers and I got together to organise a blogging carnival on raising multilingual children. Our monthly appointment on the topic got so many amazing submissions and ideas for raising bilingual children. You can find out more here.


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