about us

Our family

We are luso-franco-geordies living in Germany. I am Annabelle: a 40-something French passport-holder married to a Portuguese-passport holder (aka P). We met and lived in England for 13 years (so feel a connection with Britain too). Our daughter (aka LJ) was born there and we moved to Germany when she was 13 months old. Our boy, E, was born in Germany.

I consider myself a stay-at-home maman these days with all the guilt, uncertainty and burden this brings. In a former life, I used to be a researcher in language acquisition. If you want to read more about my own professional background, read here.

Our languages

Our children are exposed to four languages.
People often ask how it works living with four languages. Well, here is how.

I speak French to our daughter, LJ. Papa has defaulted to French too. He still tries to maintain a little bit of Portuguese but we are struggling with it. As a couple, we speak English. We live in Germany, so most of our environment speaks German (even though we don't speak it much ourselves...).

Our kids are educated in a minority-language setting. Our youngest attends a bilingual French-German kindergarten. And our oldest attends the French section of an international school. 

What makes us tick

In our spare time, we love to cook, eat, ride our bikes and travel the world as a family. We love showing different cultures to our children whether it is from the comfort of our sofa or on a plane.

our family motto - ©thepiripirilexicon.com 


Why the piri-piri lexicon?

The piri-piri lexicon sums up our family.

Lexicon = the words used in a language or by a person or a group of people. 
The lexicon part is because I spent 4 years of my student life researching bilingual children's vocabulary development for a PhD and carried on further research on the topic of word acquisition.

Piri-piri = word originally from the Ronga language of Mozambique meaning pepper.
Piri-piri today is a chilli brought to Africa by the Portuguese (aka a multicultural chilli!). It is used in a delicious and simple Portuguese dish (piri-piri chicken - a family favourite) and represents our family's love for (spicy) food and P's love for cooking.

I started this blog in 2011 when our family had just landed for a new life in Germany and when I was facing a complete career and life overall.


You can contact us at thepiripirilexicon at gmail dot com.

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