Snow bike ride with a toddler

14 Dec 2012

Last week, we had our first real snow falls of the season. And on that day I was at home without a car, so had to make a 12km round trip to drop off and pick up LJ at kindergarten by bike.

View from our living room window

I often cycle there when the weather is good. We have a bike seat and a trailer for LJ (depending on the season). Where we live is flat and most people cycle places: dropping off kids, shopping, work, etc. But cycling in fresh snow with a toddler can be a challenge and requires quite some preparation (this is where my German side is showing). 

Warm and cosy in there but visibility not great!

Here is our equipment beyond the usual bike and trailer winter set up. 

For our toddler (beyond her usual warm clothes):
- a two-part snowsuit. The trousers and coat can be worn separately and zip together at the back when necessary. We chose this because we are potty training and it needed to be removable quickly. Most other snowsuits have suspenders which take forever to remove!
- a hat, scarf and some gloves (which she constantly removes because she can't eat, play or read her books in the trailer with them).
- one or two fleece blanket(s) (preferably old ones so muddy boots won't matter on it). There are warm and cosy footmuffs available. We were using one until last year but they are not readily available in larger toddler sizes (mostly made for strollers) and are very expensive. The inconvenient with them is also that they become loaded with leaves, rocks and other random items at the bottom! With a blanket, I just shake it off and we are ready again.
LJ doesn't wear a helmet (in the trailer).

a lot to put on before heading out!

For Maman (beyong my trusted jeans and boots):
- a double jacket: it is a fleece jacket and waterproof coat zipped into one.
- a warm hat and helmet over the top (a challenge to find a warm but slim hat).
- two pairs of gloves because my nice padded bike gloves are not especially warm.
- waterproof over trousers: best buy for commuting. 
- tights (worn under the jeans) because the waterproof trousers are not warm enough.
- my hubby's yellow cycling glasses to be able to see something when you have snow coming at you.

Ready to go! Enjoy the ride.


  1. Good on you for getting out in all weather! I heard someone say the other day 'there's no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing." :)

  2. great review. Thank you so much for this article! I am new to the biking community, and this post has given me much more consolidated insight than any other resource I've found.

  3. Biking in winter is thrilling and adventurous but safety is also require at same time, thanks for sharing this great tips.


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