Easy family dinner: portuguese caldeirada (fish stew)

1 Mar 2013

We are a real foodie family. Cooking (and eating) are a big part of our family life. Through food, our daughter gets to discover her heritage. Our favourite family dinner at the moment is a typical portuguese dish called caldeirada. As most of portuguese cooking, caldeirada is a very honest dish: it comes from the boats, docks and homes of the people whose survival depended (or even still depends) upon the sea. 

The advantage of this dish is that it can be modified and still taste amazing. In its purest form, it is composed of just fish. Yet others will add shellfish or even chorizo (ideal for little ones who are not keen on fish). Different regions have different versions. So just open your fridge and go for it!

While this may not be the easiest meal to get the kids involved, our daughter loves throwing the different ingredients in the pan and of course eating it!

Read more (including the recipe) on Little Artists.


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