Show me your neighbourhood around the world

5 Jul 2013

Would you like to get involved in a little project with me?

How about discovering the world through someone's daily sights and everyday places? In this little series, we take a little tour of other people's neighbourhood and town through their camera. What does a local playground look like in New Zealand or how about a school in Brazil?
I will be running this little series in the Autumn (October and November 2013). If you fancy taking part and showing us your corner of the world, please sign-up. It would be great to have as many countries represented as possible and even as many cities/villages as possible.

To take part, it is easy,
1. Sign up here. Deadline for sign-up is 22nd September 2013.
2. Publish a post on your allocated date.
3. Add our button to your post (you can grab it here).

The rules for your post are quite simple:

- All photos must be of the town/neighbourhood you live in or are well acquainted with.
- All must have been taken by you.
- Please publish a maximum of 12 photos.
- 6 photos that MUST be included:
  1. a playground / play area
  2. a local mode of transport
  3. a typical house/building
  4. a street nearby
  5. a school, nursery or other education facility
  6. a market, supermarket or other shopping outlet

- (Up to) 6 other photos are up to you. Think typical and local.

Please share this as you see fit as the more people we have, the more fun and interesting it will be. 


  1. I think you'll probably know more about where schools and playgrounds in Karlsruhe are than I do, but if non-parents can join in (and you don't think one Karlsruhe blogger is already enough!) I'd be happy to sign up :-)

    1. Non-parents are welcome! Let me think how we could both do the same city.... and I will get back to you.

    2. Actually, I will do my native town.... Put yourself down for KA!


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