5 things that make a multilingual expat mum happy

2 Aug 2013

What makes me and my family happy? This is the theme of this month's multicultural kids blog carnival. I am not going to write a long and winded text about what makes us happy. I will  just give you five examples from the past week.

my guilty pleasure: the travel section of a book store

- hear my daughter try really hard to say more than 2 words in Portuguese (her weakest language) to her dad as he comes back from a week-long business trip.

- spy on a conversation between LJ and her kindergarten teacher where LJ is explaining in perfect German that she bought a new toy the previous day and that its name is Leo.

- discover a sheet of paper with some letters written on (that vaguely make up her name) while tidying up a mountain of drawings in the living room.

- finally find a lovely trilingual babysitter who is happy to baby sit for the odd evenings and afternoons when we want to go out or I need to work for longer. She is German but is keen to improve her French as she wants to study in France and speaks decent English too. Perfect for us.

- have our 6-year old monolingual niece declare that she is learning English at school next year and is really looking forward to it so she can speak with us!


  1. Trilingual babysitter? Wow... that's impressive!

    1. I know. She is a gem. we are definitely not letting her go. She goes to the European School (hence the languages).


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