Glamping in the Ardèche, France

23 Aug 2013

We are big fans of camping. I grew up camping around the British Isles almost every summer. P spent many family holidays camping on a remote island in the south of Portugal. We wanted to share this way of travelling and spending our holidays with LJ. We first took her camping when she was just under 18 months old. We were lucky. The weather was amazing and has been every time we have been away sleeping under a tent with her.

Glamping in the Ardeche region of France

Yet, when the weather cannot be guaranteed, glamping offers a great alternative. What is glamping, you may ask. This is apparently a British English word, a blend of glamorous and camping. According to the Oxford dictionary it is: a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Glamping tent

Glamping is becoming increasingly popular in Europe. There are more and more sites offering alternatives to camping with yurts, cabins, tree houses, canvas tents, etc. The main differences with camping are that:
- you don't need to bring as much equipment
- you get a proper bed

Inside a glamping tent

Depending on where you are, you can also get a kitchen, electricity, etc. All in all, camping for the less adventurous or for those who don't want to or can't carry all the equipment necessary.


We went glamping in the Ardèche in France for a long weekend. We hired a 'safari tent'. It had two separate bedrooms, a small kitchen, electricity and all of the equipment you could need to cook, eat and sleep. The tent was built on top of a wooden deck. We had more than enough space for the 3 of us yet if felt quite cosy and warm (even during the chilly nights).

Of course, the Ardèche is also a wonderful region to camp in. It is really busy in the summer but is lovely out of the summer holidays too.

the Ardeche river
the Ardèche river

St Martin d'ardeche
St Martin d'Ardèche

view from the campsite

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  1. It looks beautiful!

    Glamping is definitely more my style than actual camping. I need proper loos... and a shower!


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