North-African-influenced aubergine salad

13 Aug 2013

North African aubergine and tuna salad

We had this salad in an Algerian restaurant in Paris a few weeks ago. It was surprisingly delicious! I say surprisingly because the mixture of egg and aubergine was a slightly unusual combination. The salad tasted so different whether you ate just the aubergine or added a bit of tuna to your fork. The egg just breaks the taste and is actually perfect.

P being the chef that he is, wanted to recreate it at home. After reading several recipes on the internet, we found that this was maybe not typically Algerian but has elements from different countries in the Maghreb.

Here is our version of it:

2 aubergines
Juice of half a lemon
2 teaspoon of cumin
2 cloves of garlic (grated)
Half a teaspoon of paprika*
4 tablespoons of olive oil
1 can of tuna
2 hard-boiled eggs

North African aubergine and tuna salad

Roast for the aubergines for 45min. Let them cool then peel and chop them finely.
Add to it the other ingredients: lemon juice, cumin, garlic, paprika, salt, and olive oil.
Add the eggs and tuna.

North African aubergine and tuna salad

Serve at room temperature. This salad is delicious on hot summer's evening with fresh bread.
Bon app├ętit.

You can also replace the cumin and paprika with ras-el-hanout, a North African spice. We like our food spicy, so we added a bit more paprika too.

North African aubergine and tuna salad
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