Hotel stay with children: a good practice example

27 Sept 2013

You book a hotel room with a small child, toddler or infant and often you need to explicitly request a cot when you arrive as they have not prepared it (despite you stating there would be a baby when booking). Hotels often tell you a child can share the room without so much a thought as to how they are going to set up the bed (or even if they have any spare).

Well, this time, it was different. We booked one (very short) night on our way out of Germany (via Stuttgart airport). On the booking form, we mentioned a child (3) would share our bed. Children were apparently free up to 14 years old. It was only one night and we had to wake up at 3am. So we didn't really care if it was a tight fit. Their website also said children could stay in the room for free.

To our surprise, not only had they taken notice of our comment, but they had gone way beyond that. They had set up a cute little single duvet and pillow in-between the two adult ones (I guess this German obsession with two single duvets has advantages). On top of it was a rubber duck and a small packet of sweets. Imagine the reaction of the said 3 year old. She was so excited! The night got even shorter, because it took so much longer to calm her

All in all, five stars to Mövenpick hotels for their amazing customer service in this instance. N.B.: They have not paid me to write this!

What about you? Have you got some great stories on customer service when traveling with kids?


  1. Unfortunately our experience wasn't great but I guess that's the price you pay for staying in a cheap hotel. When travelling down France with two small children (3 and 1) we asked for a family room. We ended up with a double bed and a bunk bed on top that was only suitable from 6 years and up. There were no cots available so I ended up putting us all to sleep in the double bed with extra cushions on the floor in case one of them fell off! Luckily the journey had been so exhausting for them they slept all night!

  2. That's fabulous! We stayed in a hotel once and were really happy with the bed they provided. Often we take our own portacot or sleep with our 3yo with us... it's nice to have this service isn't it! :)

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