Reverse expat bucket list

13 May 2014

Life as an expat is hard. Being an expat is not a holiday despite what many think. After 3 years in Germany, we have had some highs and some lows. Inspired by Amanda's expat theme on her blog and her reverse expat bucket list, I thought I'd remind myself of all the good things I have managed to accomplish in our time here. The list is not exhaustive and in no particular order. I may even add to it as I go along.

 Things I have achieved or that were made possible as a consequence of living in Germany:

- learnt some more German despite my dislike of it at school
- gave another language to my already trilingual girl
- arranged for a childminder and communicated with her within 1 month of arriving
- became a career chameleon
- gave birth in a foreign language environment
- had a beautiful baby boy
- travelled around Brazil with a 2 yo for 6 weeks
- eaten schnitzel with pommes (chips)
- driven at 150km/h on the motorway
- eaten sweets as main dishes for lunch
- met & became friends with some amazing expat mums
- went on a road trip to France alone with my daughter
- managed basic paperwork in German
- used the phone to make appointments in German
- bought and wore some Regenhosen
- had a baby shower thrown for me
- discovered the Alsace region of France
- got back in touch  with some old school friends
- got used to being a single mum for weeks at a time when hubby travels
- visited long lost family in Brazil
- cycled through snow, rain, and sub-zero temperatures
- written emails in German
- visited our first proper Christmas market
- been able to shop in two different countries on a regular basis 

This is a great reminder of how much I love our culturally diverse life.

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  1. I love this- thanks for sharing and inspiring us to look at the positives and take advantage of our time to the fullest:).


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