30 minutes for 30 days challenge #mkb30for30

13 Nov 2014

As the weather turns grey and cold, we tend to stay indoors more often and forget to enjoy the great outdoors especially with a little baby. November is the month for grey dull and rainy weather where you have to pull out of your drawers the winter coats, hats and scarves.

I am writing this but the Germans are pretty good at enjoying the outdoors whatever the weather. There is even a saying that says: 

Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, es gibt nur falsche Kleidung.

In other words, there is no bad weather, only wrong clothing. And Germans really are prepared for any eventual bad weather. But this is not a post about weather and German clothing. It is about reminding us to enjoy the outdoors.

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So some friends and I set ourselves a little challenge to spend at least 30 minutes every day outside whatever the weather.

LJ spends a lot more than 30 minutes a day outdoors every day during the week at kindergarten. They play outdoors every day (whatever the weather) for at least 2 hours. While she is there, baby E and I often go out for a stroll in the mornings, so I have been making sure we run errands on foot or on the bike to clock up our 30 minutes. During the weekend, we enjoy that time as a family and P comes with us.

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We are all sharing photos of our challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #mkb30for30. Most of us also post the photos on Twitter or Facebook. We have mums in California, Holland, Germany, the Seychelles, France, and more taking part. And let me tell you that some of them are braving snow, -18°C temperatures, downpours and more to keep going.

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So come on, join us and let us know how you are getting on.


  1. Es gibt kein schlechtes Wetter, es gibt nur falsche Kleidung. - Perfect saying for this challenge! I definitely think we have discovered we need to purchase warmer clothing! :-)

  2. Love being a part of this!

  3. The cultural differences between countries are amazing! In Russia being outdoors in any weather (from +25 to -15 C) is believed to be a must for children. Moms spend outdoors a minimum of 1,5-2 hours a day with their children and it's just part of their lives. I wish you luck with your challenge!


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