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14 Dec 2014

With the festive season in full swing, I am often to be found baking. I am not the greatest cook. But baking, I love. My hands are full all day every day with baby E. Yet, whenever I can, I pop him on my back (front carry is impossible now or he will crack the eggs for me) and turn on the oven.

this week's treats: alfajores and chocolate chips cookies

I like baking for events we get invited to: Christmas parties at kindergarten, work, friends, etc. So I am always looking for new recipes of things to bake. Cookies are easy, quick to make and loved by all.

Get the oven warm, pull out the baking sheets, it is cookie time. 

1.  Gluten free chocolate peanut butter cookies - Maroc Mama

2. Banana oatmeal chocolate chips cookies - Mama Smiles

3. Cream Cheese Truffles - The European Mama

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  1. Ooh, the cream cheese truffles look amazing!

    There's a recipe for chocolate brownie biscuits on the BBC Good food website. SO GOOD!!


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