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8 Jan 2015

"You can't buy happiness but you can buy books and that's kind of the same thing!"

This rule certainly applies in our household. Our shelves are bursting with books. Children books, travel guides, photography books, cooking books, novels, cartoons...

LJ is getting this beautiful atlas for her 5th birthday (highly recommended by the way). What better way to learn about the world through books. It costs a lot less than travel and is fun too. 

Multicultural Kid Bloggers and I got together and made this little list for you should you wish to introduce a specific country or part of the world to your children.  The list is non-exhaustive. If you look at those websites there are often a lot more book reviews and recommendations. It was simply impossible to list it all. This should give you a good starting point though.

8 books about Australia - Africa to America

It takes a village - Marie's Pastiche

5 books about Cameroon - Marie's Pastiche

12 books about Chinese New Year (and more) - Miss Panda Chinese
9 books about China - Africa to America
18 Chinese folktales - Marie's Pastiche
Chinese folktales for kids - What do we do all day?
The Pandas and their Chopsticks - Crafty Moms Share

Rafael Pombo - Mama Tortuga

Costa Rica
6 children's books - All Done Monkey

books to read aloud about the Galapagos - Eva Varga

mummies and more books about Egypt - Africa to America

7 books about England - Africa to America

Faraway Home - Sprout's bookshelf

books about Paris for children - Mama Smiles
8 books about France - Africa to America
8 chapter books for kids set in Paris - What do we do all day?
Paris picture books - What do we do all day?

6 books about Greece - Marie's Pastiche

7 books about India - Africa to America
folktales for kids - What do we do all day?
dances of India - Discovering the World through My Son's Eyes 
children's books about India - Kid World Citizen

5 beautiful books - All Done Monkey

folktales for kids - What do we do all day?

Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll - Crafty Moms Share
16 Japanese folktales - What do we do all day?
Why the Jellyfish has no Bones - Mommy Maleta
books about Japan - Kid World Citizen
The Last Kappa of Old Japan - Crafty Moms Share
exploring Japan with books - Crafty Moms Share

6 folktales from Liberia - Marie's Pastiche

Mama Panya's Pancake -  Discovering the World through My Son's Eyes

a great collection about Mexico - Africa to America
Los tres Tamales - Discovering the World through My Son's Eyes 
books about Frida Kahlo - Kid World Citizen

New Zealand
Baba Baba Didiand the Godwits Fly - Discovering the World through My Son's Eyes

books about Nigeria - Kid World Citizen

a poem about a locomotive - European Mama

Puerto Rico
5 books about Puerto Rico - Discovering the World through My Son's Eyes

5 great folk tales for kids - Africa to America
books about Russian winter - Russian Step by Step for Children 

South Africa
Ouma Ruby's secret - Mother Tongues
7 books about South Africa - Africa to America
explore South Africa through books - Kid World Citizen

books about the Cherokees - All Done Monkey
Rosa's bus - The Good Long Road
books about Martin Luther King - Crafty Moms Share
native American biographies - Crafty Moms Share
native American book reviews - Crafty Moms Share

Other collections

Kid Picks: a collection of multicultural kids books which includes a series on major cities around the world - The Good Long Road
Bella & Harry series: a collection of books about major cities - Raising World Citizens
World Travel Raising World Citizens
books -
Folktales for kids - What do we do all day?
Russian books classed by age - Raising a trilingual child
Viste America: a book (in Spanish) about clothing in South America - Learning in two Languages
Arabic language books - In The Playroom 

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  1. Jan and I have that Maps book! His sister gave it to us last Christmas. It's fantastic, not just for kids :-D

  2. This is a really helpful list! I'm filing it away and will use it often! Thanks for sharing it at Booknificent Thursday.

  3. very good collection of books and really very helpful thanks for sharing this...apart from this ther will be a lot of acadamic books which will be helpful for students in their home tutions...thanks once again for sharing this


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