Reunion Island: France in the Indian Ocean

26 May 2015

Have you ever heard about Reunion Island? Don't worry, most people have not.

Reunion is a small island next to Mauritius (roughly an hour by plane), off the Eastern coast of Madagascar. The climate is tropical (softened by the Indian ocean breeze). Before my visit, I expected it to be similar to Mauritius: beaches, sunshine and, despite being part of France, African in essence. After all, these two islands share the same history. They were discovered together, settled by the same people (mainly the Portuguese in 1512 then the French in the 17th Century). To me, Reunion was going to be another sandy beach resort island (albeit with an active volcano in its centre).


  1. Thanks so much for your great guest post Annabelle, I loved reading about your experience in France in the Indian Ocean!


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