Foodie penpals: British comfort food

27 Oct 2015

Ever wish you could get a little something from different places without leaving the comfort of your home? We do too.

This month we took part in the Foodie Penpal exchange. It is quite simple, you send a box of delicious goodies to someone in Europe and someone else sends you one too. We sent a box of treats to Ankara, Turkey. It was quite a challenge for me as the person I had to send it to is vegan. I found myself spending a really long time in the shop reading so many labels. But it was worth it. I sent her a  mix of European foods we like and would find in our own home. 

- a traditional German Christmas cake (Stollen)
- a bag of red quinoa
- a packet of crispy buckwheat toasts
- a nut bar
- a packet of noodles made from seaweed
- a jar of marmalade

We were also matched with someone from the U.K. After telling her all about missing comfort foods from the U.K., here is what I got in the mail this morning:

The exchange happens every month and you can sign-up for as many or as few occurrences as you like. If you are in North America, there is a similar one here

Now, excuse me while I go and eat my Welshcakes before the kids see them!


  1. What a wonderful idea. Sadly the food goodies would not get through customs here too easily but if I were in Europe I would definitely participate.

  2. This is so cool! I wish I could participate.

    Foodie pen pals, who would've thought! :)


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