Die Goldbergs: live and multicultural

2 Dec 2015

Amongst the ear infections, conjunctivitis, stomach bugs and all the other nasty stuff early kindergarten weeks months are made of, I have finally managed to treat my big girl to some well-deserved mother-daughter time.

Last weekend, we decided to attend a dance/theatre performance for children as part of the Tanz festival in Karlsruhe. We dressed up and headed off on a rainy and grey Sunday afternoon to the theatre.

The show (Die Goldbergs) is a mixture of dance and theatre. 4 actors dance their way through a typical day for a child (wake-up, school, food, extra-curricular activities, etc). The focus is very much on emotions: handling conflict, having a laugh, being tired, etc. There was a tiny bit of speaking (mostly for fun).

The dancers were brilliantly multicultural and diverse (which I didn't anticipate). 2 European dancers and 2 Asian dancers. They were also wonderfully differently shaped! One more diversity aspect I loved. My girl made no comments about it but I loved seeing the larger/taller male dancer next to the tiny Asian female dancer. They also spoke their own languages with no translation. But it worked. My 5-year-old understood what it was about, why the Japanese bit was there. It didn't need translation. It was actually the funniest bit (for both of us). Just goes to show that something doesn't need to sell itself as multicultural to be so.

It was really brilliant. Both funny and beautiful, we loved it. I loved watching my girl laugh out loud (really loud) and say every five minute 'wow' (sorry for the cliché). Live performances with children are always the best.

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