6-year-olds around the world (2)

24 Mar 2016

Today we continue our little world tour meeting 6-year-olds.

6 year olds around the world

Hope you enjoyed meeting last week's children. If you have missed it, here it is again.

This week, we meet 4 more 6-year-olds. They are in Canada, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and the U.S.A.

being 6 years old in Canada

Puneeta writes: "Overall, I think we had an easier time of adjusting to a full day at school because my older one is in the same building and most days in that first year would drop in and check on her little sister. Many parents choose to take their kids home at lunch time particularly in JK. The KG school day is divided into periods where they have swimming, outdoor play, indoor play, circle time, music, and stations. The last is when they actually work on something. Their classroom is divided into stations (tables with chairs) and each station is either reading or writing or working on something. The two teachers move around the stations as needed. Lunch is in the same room with different lunchtime teachers and usually outdoor play is either before or after lunch time so the little kids don't run into the older ones. My kids' school goes up till Gr 8 (unusual for Canada) but we chose it because of this reason so my kids even though they are almost 5 years apart would be able to overlap in the same school for a little bit longer than perhaps in another school."

being 6 years old in California, USA

Shearin writes about her girl and school: "they talk about different cultures and celebrations and have in school field trips.  Last month, they spoke about Chinese New Year which was wonderful especially since our blog was focusing on China last month, so it was great that my daughter was learning even more at school as well! They also have social studies and science, math, reading, writing, recess and free choice which happens almost at the end of every day-this is where kids can choose what they want to play with in the class and mingle with friends on their own.  Great social building and creative time! The teacher is AMAZING and one of the best teachers I have ever known! She truly loves what she does and is patient, respectful and caring towards her students.  My daughter LOVES her and we are so happy she gets to start her official education with such a great teacher and experience!".

Being 6 years old in Luxemburg

Stefy adds about school: "Second year they start French. They have Tuesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon off school. This is the time they do extracurricular activities."

Being 6 years old in the Netherlands

Amanda writes about school and literacy: "he picks up (so words on food packaging, leaflets etc) and can read some words. Formal reading and writing start next school year but he is writing lots of things himself already by copying text from things. In school they are busy with the right way to hold a pen, writing letters, word recognition etc".

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