Paris with children: tips, ideas and resources

9 Aug 2016

We are off to the motherland for a few days with a stopover in Paris.

Planning a trip to Paris with the family

Paris is actually a great city to visit in August. All of the locals are gone on holidays! The city feels a lot less crowded. Sure, there are plenty of tourists but there always are plenty of tourists in Paris. The only downside is that as a lot of locals leave, some shops and businesses can be closed. However, most tourist-friendly areas are still opened.
I have gathered here a fun collection packed with tips, ideas and resources to get your children and yourself prepared for a visit to Paris. Simply click on the images to be taken to the articles.

Books about Paris

You can read a review of the Zazoo here.

Book collections:
- Paris chapter books
- 20 picture books


Don't be fooled by the title, there are some cute printables about Paris in there.

Paris colouring map

Tips for travelling with kids to Paris
via Multicultural Kid Blogs

- 10 tips from a French blogger: avoiding the crowds and cooling off are definitely needed when in Paris.

via Mummy Travels

- A very complete guide of Paris with a family by Mummy Travels with places to stay, eat, etc.

via Lou Messugo

- Instgramming Paris: lots of eye candy here.

- Paris' Children's Museum: not technically a children's museum but a science one. However, it is one of the best places to learn and play in Paris. We have booked our sessions. And the park around it is wonderful too. I have fond memories of it as a child.
Tapped Out Travellers

- 3 days itinerary with a family in winter from Tapped Out Travellers

Wyld Family Travel

- Paris on a Batobus: a great way to visit Paris as you can hop on and hop off.

- An honest account of Paris with 3 kids by Strollering the Globe

- A 2-day itinerary full of great addresses by The World and

- Camping in Paris by WorldWide with Kids

Eclairs by Just Go Places
- A delicious sweets tour of Paris by Just Go Places.


Notre-Dame: a classic
Les jardins du Luxembourg: perfect to relax and let the kids run
A beautiful park a little further afield - but still accessible by Metro
Another classic- I don't need to name it.
Le Sacré-Coeur
Disused gardens

There are also plenty more ideas on my Pinterest board. Have fun planning.

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  1. We went on to the Batobus with our almost 3-year old over Easter. He liked it.
    The carrusel at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower is actually quite cheap (2,5€ if I recall properly). Our son did not want to go on the Tower, which was ok anyway, considering the long long queue.
    Next time, in October, we'll definitely go to the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie.
    I think the Cité de la Musique can be also very good fun with kids.


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