The Azores in a camper-van: everything you need to know

18 Mar 2019

As we went down that tiny road with a 180° corner, none of us were talking. We both knew we would be facing that corner and its 10% incline again the next morning. Travelling with a camper van on a small island is not something for the faint-hearted. Here, I give you the lowdown about what we loved and didn't love about renting a camper van on São Miguel island, Azores.

The Azores with a camper van: rental in Sao Miguel

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Azores with a camper van

For more information about our trip to the Azores, check out my Instagram highlights. There is one for each island we visited. You can also see more Azores pictures here.

This campervan week was part of a larger trip we took. Read the whole itinerary and what we did next over here. 


  1. Honest and encouraging article, Annabelle! Thanks! It sounds like a great family trip!

  2. Thanks a lot for the information! We're gonna try it as well. Cheers from Holland!

  3. Hi! Thanks for this article. It made me wanna rent a caravan in Azores too (we never drove one, but were dreaming of it for some time now). We'd like to go there in October with our 3yo daughter. If you have any other tips for us, they are more than welcome :)

  4. Thank you for great information! I am thinking of renting a camper, it sounds like a great idea. My only concearn is the price. Did you pay for the insurance or not? Because the price differs a lot. 🤔

    Greetings from Slovenia.

    1. We did. We often do. But, as for everything, it all depends on what other insurance you have.

  5. Hi
    Was it difficult to find places to sleep
    We would to travel around the island and ride mountain bikes in a couple weeks


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