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14 Apr 2020

Are you on lockdown or confinement? Are you looking for things to do with the kids while stuck at home? Do your children speak/learn French? I have tried to list as many resources for different age groups below. I have indicated when the resources are paid (very few).

- 1 jour 1 question: very short videos about current topics for kids. These are great starter activities or ideas to open a topic with kids. Best suited for 8+.

- C'est pas sorcier: 25-minutes clips explaining specific topics to kids (from opera to the second World War). A school classic that is perfect to accompany a lesson. Best suited for primary/elementary school kids

Baika magazine: a great little magazine that have turned some of their resources into printable materials. The main focus is on learning about the  world. You can make masks from Gabon or learn about Iran. We love it.

- Fable cottage: fairy tales told in French with slow audio and translation if necessary. Great for bilingual learners with a limited proficiency.

Bayam: an app from Bayard, a magazine publisher. I believe some of the services are paid for you the price is currently reduced and you can try it out for free. There are fun activities for all ages. We love the magazines but have not tested the app yet.

Savio: app to learn french for 7-12 year old children. You can also test for free. This is not really aimed at beginners but more at bilingual children or children at an already advanced level.

La maitresse part en live: a teacher for the 3-6 year olds does a live lesson everyday of the week on an age-appropriate topic. There is literacy, stories, songs, play, etc. Requires parents input but very useful. 

Video stories: filmed story books for kids. A lovely selection for younger ones (3-6). Our favourite is Caca Boudin, of course!

- French audio stories: simple short stories with audio tracks in French. 

- Video stories from Ecole des Loisirs: some of the best books for children (in my opinion with stories told by authors or others). Highly recommended. 

Okapi podcast: a fun podcast in french for teenagers and their daily life, struggles and issues. 

Brainpop: science, history, language topics for school children. You can test for free but the rest needs a subscription. 

Family game: a fun printable card game to learn about Europe. We are big fans over here. 

- Learning activities from Ecole des Loisirs: activities and games around a story from our favourite publisher of French books. Most are aimed at young kids but my 10-year-old also liked some of them (Chien Pourri). Some of the games are online, others are PDF to download. 

Dargaud: Comic strips to read online for free. My 10-year-old loves Boule et Bill. my 5-year-old likes Ana Ana. 

Recipe printables: great little printable recipes in French for kids to make on their own. 

Maman les p'tits bateaux: my kids favourite podcast where kids ring in to ask existential questions like why did cavemen draw on walls, etc. The answers are short and sweet. It is found at the link above but can also be downloaded on your Podcast app. 

Yoga in French: fancy calming them down while hearing some French. Try this lovely Quebec accent. My kids liked this session a lot. 

Workout in French: or do you need to get them to spend some energy. Try this very comprehensive workout with Kevin.

If you have any other resources for learning at home in French, I would love to hear from you. Don't hesitate to leave a comment below with your favourite ideas.

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  1. Hi, yoga youtube channel my kids love

    learn about History with "Quelle histoire"

    Board games to print for free:


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