22 Jul 2014

Un weekend à Paris

As I am about to leave for a little break, I leave you to enjoy a virtual stroll in Paris, one of my favourite cities in the world.

18 Jul 2014

Another Brazil: my story

You may have noticed that I like to write about Brazil. You may wonder why that is. Well, wonder no more. I am going to explain myself here.

15 Jul 2014

Our unique bilingual family? {a piri sojourner}

Today, I bring you this post by Olena Centeno from Bilingual Kids Rock in which she reflects about the unique nature of her bilingual family. A lot of multilingual families out there will surely identify with some (if not all) of the issues she mentions. I know I do.

I Thought Our Bilingual Family Was Unique - But It Turns Out We're Not!

11 Jul 2014

Playmobil turns 40

Germany's small towns are great at creating and hosting small businesses that specialise in something very particular and quickly take on the world in their own market. Birkenstock, Huf, and Playmobil are some names you may have heard of. 

8 Jul 2014

Why the World Cup is not all that bad

I never was into football much. 
I am not even sure I understand the offside rule. 
I got to watch it because my husband likes to watch some matches once in a while (he is by no means a huge fan either). 

4 Jul 2014

What I love and hate about my expat life {a Piri Sojourner}

Today's Piri Sojourner is Olga. Olga has become a great friend through different blogging networks and I know I can always count on her for help. 
Olga is a Polish woman living in The Netherlands with her three children and German husband. She is an expat, like me, and is also raising a multicultural family.  Here, she explains what is great about being expat and what is not so great. I think I share most of the points (if not all) she makes here. 

30 Jun 2014

Multilingualism in my family: Phoebe's story

It has been a long time since I posted one of those: Multilingualism in my family. This month we meet Phoebe and her family. She lives in France and is raising her children to speak French and English. I love how languages seem to flow very naturally at the dinner table!
You can find out more about her family and life on her blog.

French-English sign in Canada via Scazon on Flickr

26 Jun 2014

Santos Populares or the Saints festivities in Portugal

June is a very special month in Portugal. It is not because there is the World Cup or because it is the beginning of summer. It is because towns, villages and cities all around the country celebrate different saints and these celebrations mean big popular parties in the streets all around Portugal.

24 Jun 2014

Is My Child Highly Sensitive or Introvert? {a Piri Sojourner}

Is your child an introvert or extrovert? My little 4-year-old is more of an introvert. I have been reading a lot about how to develop their character without making them feel uneasy or bad about themselves. In particular, I loved the advice I read recently about not labelling them as shy in front of others as this has quite a negative connotation. Then I stumbled upon Amanda's articles about introvert children and highly sensitive children.  She agreed to write about the difference between the two for me here. So is my child highly sensitive or an introvert?

22 Jun 2014

Fado: Portugal's popular music

Continuing on our mission to learn more about Portugal, today's post is about fado. You may like to read this when you can have sound turned on to better enjoy the beautiful songs below.

Fado was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2011 as the urban popular song of Portugal. In particular, it recognises that fado "strengthens the feeling of belonging and identity within the community of Lisbon".

Silent Sunday

19 Jun 2014

10 tips to visit Rio with kids

With the World Cup now in full swing and the Olympics coming to Rio in a couple of years, I am sure many families will be taking advantage of Brazil's popularity to visit the country and Rio, in particular. We visited a couple of years ago with a toddler. We loved the city and there was plenty to do with a young child. Brazilians are very family-oriented. You will often find that while locals may come to you to try and sell you things on the beach or in the street, for example, often families will be left alone and/or sellers will not be as pushy. 

16 Jun 2014

Portuguese chorizo bread

It is an odd day today. We will be watching a game where we will be rooting for a team while most of the other people around us will be rooting for the opposite team (literally).  As we live in Germany, I guess our cheers will be quiet against the huge backdrop of German cheers in the city. 

As Portugal plays its first match against Germany today, we celebrate by munching on these little breads while watching the game. These are family favourites and great comfort food.

5 Jun 2014

Connecting with an older child while nursing your newborn {a Piri Sojourner}

Today's Piri Sojourner is Leanna from All Done Monkey. Leanna is a woman extraordinaire. She is raising two sons, writes a parenting blog and runs our amazing little community of Multicultural Kid Blogs. I don't know where she finds the time! 
I needed help with entertaining my oldest while breastfeeding the youngest and I knew she was the right person for some tips as she had just gone through it herself. I have two say her last two ideas: baby-wearing and co-sleeping have been my life- (and sanity)-savers this time round too!

My son was so excited to have a brother.  Yet after the baby was born he needed plenty of reassurance from us that his place in the family was secure and that his world hadn't changed too much.

22 May 2014

Being a baby-wearing dad {a Piri Sojourner}

Today's instalment of the Piri Sojourners comes from Jonathan who is blogging dad and fellow academic. I like his humour in his writing and I discovered he spent time not far from where my parents live as a language assistant. It is a small world. 
Jonathan (Dad's the way I like it) writes about wearing his son and the funny looks he might get doing so. We are a baby wearing family too and love it despite the comments!

Ever since our son was born just over a year ago, my wife and I have regularly carried him about in a variety of slings and baby carriers. In fact, he was several months old before we bought a buggy and we still regularly take him out and about in a sling rather than his buggy.

16 May 2014

Some Swiss German Helvetisms debunked {a Piri Sojourner}

Today's Piri Sojourner is Ute from Expat Since Birth. I love reading Ute's posts on linguistics topics as I think she makes even complicated topics very accessible. Here she explains and outlines some of the differences between Swiss German and standard German. As my fellow bloggers, the Babel family, have just announced they are moving to Switzerland and will have to learn Swiss German as opposed to the German they have exposed their daughters to so far, this post is dedicated to them.

13 May 2014

Reverse expat bucket list

Life as an expat is hard. Being an expat is not a holiday despite what many think. After 3 years in Germany, we have had some highs and some lows. Inspired by Amanda's expat theme on her blog and her reverse expat bucket list, I thought I'd remind myself of all the good things I have managed to accomplish in our time here. The list is not exhaustive and in no particular order. I may even add to it as I go along.

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