3 Jul 2015

Border life

Borders (or the lack of) have always fascinated me. I have always loved the concept of going from one country to another without having to tell anyone or show anything to anyone. Because when you travel between France and Germany (like we do on a weekly basis), there is no border. You don't even notice you are changing country. There are no (visible) customs, no passport control (although you need some kind of ID just in case).

29 Jun 2015

The book that spoke every language (Read around the world series)

Looking for a book to show your child the linguistic diversity out there? Looking for something where s/he can hear and see what other languages look like?

24 Jun 2015

Multilingualism in my family: Frances' story

Meet Frances and her family. Frances' story is a little different from the ones I have published before in that she only introduced her son to her language when he was 4. But it is a great success story too. Read on. It is never too late!
via Flickr - by Nick W

20 Jun 2015

10 things I want to say to my little world travellers (T is for travel)

Here we are sitting in Orlando Airport, after an awesome 3 weeks road tripping around New Orleans and Florida with two children, watching the airport flight board and wondering where next.

16 Jun 2015

Where to buy bilingual and foreign language books

Do you struggle with ordering bilingual books or books in foreign languages? Do you know of specialised book stores for lesser known languages?

12 Jun 2015

Visitors' guide: 2 days in Washington, D.C. with kids

Trying to plan a fun-filled, kid-friendly weekend? With so many amazing and free museums, it can be difficult to choose. Here are some suggestions to help you plan out your itinerary. 

9 Jun 2015

8 Jun 2015

Disney’s poor track record with foreign accents

Children’s films and cartoons are often based on moral stories where a social message is repeated several times: the good almost always triumphs over the bad. And the women are often mothers, princesses or housekeepers but that’s another topic all together! Disney’s questionably poor track record in including characters of other races has been widely discussed. But what about their linguistic diversity? What do these films tell us about language and accents? What decisions are made about language use and language character?

5 Jun 2015

3 beautiful Portuguese music albums for kids

As a multilingual family, boosting our minority language is a must. I am always on the look-out for quality Portuguese resources. As a non-Portuguese speaker, music is a fantastic way to introduce a language and a culture to your little ones.

30 May 2015

10 tips for flying alone with kids

A few months back, our family went on a little road trip in the U.S.A. The catch was that I had to fly from Germany to Washington, D.C. by myself with my two children as my husband would already be in the U.S.A. on business. This meant saving on a flight for him and we thought it was a good opportunity not to miss. People said I was brave or crazy when I told them about my plans.

26 May 2015

8 May 2015

5 Portuguese printables

We struggle with resources in Portuguese in our house. We manage to get a few books a year through family or trips and ordering over the internet from abroad but it is all a rather costly affair. 

17 Apr 2015

Raising a green baby (German-style)

One year ago today, I was sitting in a German hospital, feeling exhausted but well taken care of and ready for our new adventures as a family of four. My baby was one-day-old and his sister had just turned 4. Having had two children in two different countries (my oldest was born in the U.K.) and being a great believer in all things natural, I am (mostly) loving the way Germans go about raising babies and children in an eco-friendly and green manner.

Read my guest post over on Multicultural Kid Blogs

7 Apr 2015

Every day on our bikes (family cycling in Germany)

Life is good when it is a warm Spring day and the whole family can hop on their bike and go out and explore the world. When we first arrived here, in Germany, we got ourselves new bikes and a bike trailer for our, then, 14 months old. We had to blend in.

2 Apr 2015

Learning a language passively: English update at 5 y.o.

I like to keep little sound bites of my children chatting. I have shared a few in the past. It is a fun way to keep track of their speech development.

Warning: this post contains a 5-year-old speaking English with a funny accent!

30 Mar 2015

Bilingualism does not (necessarily) mean sacrifices

There have been a few recent articles about how many sacrifices you have to do to raise bilingual kids or how much money you need to spend. Some have suggested that they even sacrifice their own language learning and their relationships for their children's bilingualism. (And yes, I have the courage to link to them). I guess I am not the typical reader or target audience of these articles because I, personally,  find them rather disappointing and pointless. 

Alarm bells, anyone?

3 Mar 2015

The school issue: sacrificing learning for language?

Ah the school issue!

There comes a point in every parent's life where they have to make a decision as to where to send their kids to school. If there is a choice to be made, it often is a very tough one. Parents often feel that their child's future is at play. When you add to the equation languages and how best to support your child's multilingualism, it makes it even more difficult.

22 Feb 2015

Are 3 (or more) languages too many for a child? Preparing for baby's arrival

People often ask if there is anything one can do to prepare for a bilingual baby coming into a household. I am sure that if you search the web, you will find some very useful lists of things you could do. I am not going to write one here. I will instead tell you about the challenges I encountered before our first was born and how I prepared (or failed to prepare) our own family.

12 Feb 2015

10 tips for a road trip in Florida with kids

Freshly back from our holidays in the U.S.A. I did compile a little list of observations while we were on the road. Road tripping with kids is never easy but we love it. Hopefully, these little tips will make your life easier. 
Just a word of warning: this is written from a European's perspective. Most of you in the US may find this obvious. But to us, Europeans, it wasn't necessarily.

10 Feb 2015

Our French-Portuguese-English wedding

I am not sure why but I have never written about my wedding here even thought it is a topic I like to talk about (who doesn't?). In a previous post, I wrote about having to go through several administrative land mines to get there, but I never really wrote about the wedding itself. 

2 Feb 2015

Multilingualism in my family: Audrey's story

Meet Audrey and her young family from the East Coast. Audrey is a non-native Spanish speaker. She has a  background in linguistics. She is only beginning her journey into multilingualism as a parent but she offers some great advice for other parents starting out.

Photo by J. Chan via Flickr

29 Jan 2015

Travel journal for kids

Before we left for our 3-week road trip, I had been looking for ideas to answer several problems: minimize endless questions about what we would do when, keep a 5-year-old entertained, and create a memento.
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