Cross-Cultural Kids: a different kind of TCKs?

When I discovered the name Third Culture Kids and read up about what it means, I was pretty happy. I am not one for labels but I felt I had found a concept that could help me support my children in building their own their identity and answer their potential future questions. However, the more I read about third culture kids (TCK) the more I feel like my children are not (in the traditional sense of the term).

Cross Cultural Kids or Third Culture Kids

30+ travel journal ideas for kids

I am a lover of all things paper. I love beautiful paper, notebooks and writing with a pen. When travelling, I love to take something to write with me to write, stick tickets, maps, etc. And now, my kids want to copy me.
30+ travel journal ideas for kids: DIY, notebooks, printables, foreign language books, etc.

30+ travel journal ideas for kids

Multilingualism in my family: Peggy's story

This month's instalment of multilingualism in my family introduces Peggy and her multilingual family. She is raising4 children in Sweden with English, Swedish, German and French and she runs her own business. You could say she is Super Mama!

A foodie weekend in Madrid

A foodie weekend in Madrid

Last month, we got lucky enough to get away as a couple (for the first time in 4 years) for 3 days in the Spanish capital. Being an expat, with no family support around, this is a very rare luxury. We tried to make the most of it by eating, walking, eating and sleeping in! Sounds good, right?

School overnight trips in first grade? Yes, please!

My girl has just come back from a 4 days/3 nights school trip abroad. She is 7 years old. She is in first grade. 60+ first graders, from many different cultural backgrounds, on a short trip to France (from Germany): I didn't even ask her if she wanted to go. I signed!
School overnight trip

And then, I got reminded by many friends and other parents around the school that this was not at all a given for many parents.

Our favourite Portuguese resources for little learners

Portuguese resources for little language learners

Finding resources for our little (or not so little) multilinguals can be quite a challenge. It is also something a lot of parents are always on the lookout for. I have put together a little list for Portuguese hoping to make your life a little easier.

Feminists around the world: Carolina Beatriz Angelo

Women suffragettes around the world: you may have heard about Emmeline Pankhurst or Susan B. Anthony. Have you ever heard of Carolina Beatriz Ângelo?

Carolina Beatriz Ângelo: the first woman to vote in Portugal

Multilingualism in my family: Elodie's story

Image by Eric Adresen on Flickr

This month's instalment of multilingualism in my family introduces Elodie and her trilingual family. She is raising one (soon two) child in Munich, Germany. Her story about the changing seasons in her boy's language use tells us to persevere.

Culture Shock: how long does it last?

6 years ago today, we arrived in Germany with a 14-months-old, a moving lorry and one job.
6-years-ago today, our life, my life, changed drastically.
After 6 years here, I can, I think, finally say that we have arrived.
That culture shock roller-coaster is/was not an easy one to ride.

Culture Shock: how long does it last?

10 inspirational quotes about our expat home

For most people home is a place, a building, a town, a country. For us expats, it is a lot more complicated. For children of mixed couples, third culture kids, nomads, home is a complex concept.

Surviving a Move to Japan as a New Mom of Two {a Piri Sojourner}

Their work schedules allowed them to be together as a family only a couple days a week.

They were college-educated and working full-time. Yet with a mortgage payment, student loans, and childcare, they still felt like they were living paycheck-to-paycheck. 

A job offer from Japan looked like the ticket out.

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