10 Frequently Asked Questions about Raising Multilingual Children

If you are on social media and you read forums on raising multilingual children, you will see the same questions being asked again and again by anxious parents of little bilinguals.  

10 FAQs about raising bilingual kids written by a linguist and mother

Why we need more Fridas - encouraging diversity and individuality

In a world of pink frills and princesses, in a world with 10 Elsas and 5 Annas at every dress-up event, I am so glad my girl chose to be to a strong and diverse character for carnival this year.

French learning resources: 5 great TpT stores

If, like me, you are raising multilingual children, then you are almost always on the lookout for more resources for your children. This is even more crucial when dealing with a minority language. French is one of our minority languages (i.e. we do not live in France). 

Multilingualism in my family: Guillaume's story

It has been a really really long time since I have posted an instalment of this series. As a reminder, these family interviews just serve one important purpose in my opinion: to remind us all that there is NOT one way of raising multilingual children. 

Image by Eltpics via FLickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/eltpics/

A to Z of raising multilingual children

I am not one for long speeches about how you should do X and Y and not G & H to successfully raise little multilinguals. We are a family like any other. We have made mistakes. We have had some major successes (passive language learning has become a great active language) but also some failures (Papa travelling so much has meant our 4th language - his language - is currently dormant).

A to Z of raising multilingual children

Christmas in Portugal (+Recipe)

When I was researching this post, I read quite a few websites claiming that Portuguese celebrated Christmas on January 6th! Really? What? I had never heard of this. I asked my Portuguese husband who thought I had gone crazy. And then it dawned on us, that this was how Spain does it.

Celebrating Saint Nicholas (Nikolaus) in Germany

As we near our 5th Christmas in Germany, it is about time I wrote about Saint Nicholas. 
Before, we moved here, I vaguely knew what Saint Nicholas was about but never really realised the tradition was still going strong in Germany. 

Celebrating Saint Nicholas in Germany

10 gift ideas for little multilinguals

10 gift ideas for little multilinguals

Anyone in your family being raised learning more than one language? Maybe you would like to send something to someone abroad who speaks a different language?

10+ gift ideas for little travellers

Do you know a little traveller who has been on more flights than you or someone who dreams of travelling the world? Then, this gift guide is for you (and them).

Gift ideas for little travelers - Christmas, birthday

A Portuguese Road Trip

Late in the summer, last year, we took a little Portuguese road trip to see family but also to introduce the country a little more to our children who have Portuguese blood.

A Portuguese road trip
PIN me to travel later

Going beyond a headline (or why bilingual children don't lag behind)

I am saddened to see so many bloggers and sites quote facts they have not checked, mention studies they have not read and perpetuate myths and wrong ideas that way. In our world of instant results, we often overlook the credibility of what we read and the credibility of the people writing.

Why bilingual children don't lag behind

Why we DO need research to raise our children

Surrounded by a current general anti-expert mood, I need to express my views on the topic and relate it to one subject I know something about: bilingualism.

Why we do need research to raise our children

Solo parenting as a trailing spouse: my reality

This is not my usual post. This is what needs to be written today so I get it out of me and can keep going for one MONTH alone with my children.

Solo parenting as a trailing spouse

My top 8 family travel essentials

We love discovering new places. And we love taking our children everywhere we possibly can (like The Louvre a few weeks ago).
Wherever we go, however we travel, there are few things we always take with us. We travel light. We are not ones for packing toilet paper on a trans-Atlantic flight or children's favourite toys (beyond the one item). A few weeks ago, I shared a few of the things we have never taken away with us and got quite a few passionate pleas for those items on social media.
I wanted to share some of my favourite family travel essentials. From medicine to car seats, here are the 8 things we take, without fail, on our travels with our two young children.

Family travel essentials

Read more over at Mommy Maestra.

40 tips for raising multilingual children

Raising multilingual children? About to embark on your journey? Have young children but you would like to review your situation? Here are my best tips for raising multilingual children: from my former-lingusitics-resarcher self and my current-mother-of-two-children-exposed-to-4-languages self. There is something for everyone.

40 tips for raising multilingual children

Einschulung: starting school in Germany

The transition from Kindergarten to elementary school in Germany is a rite of passage that is observed with great pomp and big celebrations. That transition is called Einschulung.

First ever day at school in Germany: traditions and celebrations

Solo train travel at 6 years old: Junior & Cie

Last week, our 6-year-old returned, alone, from her stay at her grandparents (in France).

Solo train travel as a child

Le Louvre with children

Le Louvre with kids

I am a great believer in taking my children almost anywhere. We took a 15-month-old camping.  We took a 2-year-old to tour Brazil. We take our children to restaurants. 
And we have just taken 3 children (aged 2 to 8) to The Louvre in Paris.

Freda and Fernando on the River Tagus (Read around the world series)

The mighty River Tagus is the river that flows into Lisbon, the longest on the Iberian Peninsula and a very important cultural aspect of the Portuguese capital. So, reading about it in a children's book is perfect for my half-Portuguese children.
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