14 Apr 2014

On storks, showers and babies

A few weeks back, I attended my first ever baby shower: mine. It was a lovely grown-up and sociable affair thrown for me as a surprise by a small group of expat mums I have recently met. 

11 Apr 2014


As my little one awaits her sibling (due any day now), we celebrate this week's siblings' day with a little collage of fellow bloggers' cute siblings pictures.

9 Apr 2014

{Book review} The Zazoo - French / English bilingual series

I am not a huge fans of bilingual books because I am often disappointed in the quality of the translation in one language. Usually, bilingual books are based on a story written in one language and then translated into another. The texts are often side by side or below each other and more often than not the translated version lacks a certain je ne sais quoi (cultural references, awareness, etc). 
So I was quite excited when I heard about a new series of books aimed directly at bilingual children and written for them in two languages. Those two languages also happened to be French and English so that worked really well for us.

6 Mar 2014

1 family - 4 languages : my interview podcast

A couple of weeks, the very lovely Olena from Bilingual Kids Rock was online at 6am while her family still slept to interview me.

You can hear the podcast of that interview where we discuss:

21 Feb 2014

Pregnancy in Germany (versus the UK)

As my second pregnancy enters its lasts stages, I thought I'd reflect on the similarities and differences of being pregnant in two different European countries. You would think that two European superpowers such as the UK and Germany would have similar practices in terms of how they approach women's pregnancy. Well, think again!

17 Feb 2014

Hand gestures in cross-cultural communication (MKB vlogging: travel with kids)

As part of a very fun little vlogging (video blogging) experiment with some fellow MKB bloggers, I made this little video answering a question I was asked about travelling with kids.

7 Feb 2014

Children's birthday party etiquette in Germany

LJ turned 4 a couple of weeks ago and we organised her and our first children birthday party for the occasion. It was our first German birthday party too. Having been invited to only two so far, we were not quite sure about how it works here. So we enlisted a few friends' help and hope we did her proud. 11 4-year-olds came and left happy and excited, so we must have been doing it right.

4 Feb 2014

Multilingualism in my family: Ivana's story

In our monthly instalment of Multilingualism in my family, we meet Ivana and her lovely family raising a daughter in Germany. I have known Ivana personally for a few months now and I admire her determination with passing on so many languages (Slovenian, Croatian, Italian, German and English) to her daughter. Make your own opinion by reading her story.

Slovenian/Croatian road sign via John C Bullas BSc MSc PhD...

31 Jan 2014

La Chandeleur (a crêpes feast)

This Sunday (2nd February) is "la chandeleur" in France. La chandeleur is a Christian religious festival celebrated every year on that day (40 days after Christmas). The word comes from the Latin festa candelarum (the day/celebration of the candles). As I am not one to educate you on religion, you can read more about what the date means in the Christian calendar here.

28 Jan 2014

A cup of chimarrão (Brazilian erva-mate)

via Rodrigo Oliveira Grossini on Flickr

My aunt's sister recently passed away. While I only saw her twice in my life, I could tell she was a wonderful person. She worked with deprived kids in Brazil and lived her life to the full right until the end.

23 Jan 2014

Our multicultural homes

After my post earlier this week about what makes my home multicultural, I received quite a few photos from readers sharing a little corner of their home. Thank you!
I thought I would share these with you.  I love the stories behind those little pieces of different cultures.

19 Jan 2014

What makes your home multicultural?

As expats and part of a multicultural family, you can bet that our home does reflect our origins and the places we have lived in and travelled to.

10 Jan 2014

5 playground rules: (German style?)

I may not have much experience in playground in a lot of other countries but there are some things that strike me about German parents and mums in particular and the way they supervise their kids and play with them (or not) at the playground.

7 Jan 2014

Multilingualism in my family: Sandra A's story

In our monthly instalment of Multilingualism in my family, we meet Sandra and her lovely family. She is a Portuguese speaker and is raising two boys trilingually with French and English. Sandra answered the questions as she was preparing for a big international move which meant her language situation was about to change. I hope to revisit her in a few months to see how her family has adapted linguistically.

Bilingual sign in Belgium via Flickr

4 Jan 2014

La galette des Rois: a French Three Kings Day cake

France, like many other countries, has a special cake to celebrate 3 Kings Day or Epiphany as it is more commonly called in France. This cake is eaten only about a week before to a week after the actual day (6th January). Bakeries usually sell it only during that time. But it is too good not to make it any other time!

31 Dec 2013

Happy 2014

Just a quick post to wish all of you out there reading this little blog a very happy new year wherever you are. Here is to hoping that 2014 is even better than 2013!

20 Dec 2013

Gifts for children: what to avoid and what to give

Does your child receive gifts you wish they didn't? Even if the thought is appreciated, as a parent, I always feel some of these gifts would be better avoided.
In this season of crazy money-spending and random gift-giving from relatives you haven't seen in ages, here are some of my thoughts on gift-giving.

17 Dec 2013

Our alternative Christmas tree(s)

Christmas is becoming a big business and money making affair. While, I love the magic of Christmas and all of the traditions that go with it, I am not keen on spending huge amounts of money for it. I much prefer to enjoy a nice meal with family and buy a lovely present for my daughter than spend a fortune every year on decorating the house.

13 Dec 2013

Multilingualism in my family: Lina's story

In our monthly instalment of Multilingualism in my family, we meet Lina, her husband and three children who live in the USA. The children are bilingual Chinese/English. Lina outlines some great ideas she uses to get her children engaged and learning. She also gives a lot of freedom to her 5-year-old to reply in the language she chooses. Happy reading!

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