14 Dec 2014

Cookies, biscuits and other baked treats

With the festive season in full swing, I am often to be found baking. I am not the greatest cook. But baking, I love. My hands are full all day every day with baby E. Yet, whenever I can, I pop him on my back (front carry is impossible now or he will crack the eggs for me) and turn on the oven.

10 Dec 2014

Christmas crackers & other borrowed traditions

As expats, over recent years, we have come to make our own Christmas traditions. We have borrowed a little bit from different countries we have lived in and from our own birth countries. These traditions have become part of our family and are becoming our family traditions.

7 Dec 2014

Why we celebrate Christmas as an atheist family

Christmas time is a magical time in many families. Our family is no different. Yet, it is no big secret that my family is not one for religious celebrations. We do not attend any kind of religious services. I am not baptised, my children are not either. P and I didn't have a religious wedding. So why do we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is, after all, the main Christian holiday.

24 Nov 2014

Myths busted: raising multilingual children blogging carnival

As I lay in bed next to my 7-month-old, waiting for him to fall asleep, I think about the conversation I had with a good family friend recently. On hearing about LJ's great progress in German (she is fluent by now), he brings back (because we have heard it before) a story about a bilingual friend of his who constantly mixed and confused languages, who could speak neither language "properly" and who remained so for his whole life. The story comes from the mouth of an educated, language-literate person who speaks a decent second language himself and uses it frequently. 

13 Nov 2014

30 minutes for 30 days challenge #mkb30for30

As the weather turns grey and cold, we tend to stay indoors more often and forget to enjoy the great outdoors especially with a little baby. November is the month for grey dull and rainy weather where you have to pull out of your drawers the winter coats, hats and scarves.

10 Nov 2014

Bilingual story time: how does it work?

My daughter attends a story time hour at a local American library twice a month. For her, this is one of the only opportunities she has to hear other children speak English on a regular basis. The stories are read by a lovely American lady and they usually do a craft or a game after the stories. LJ, 4, loves it.

5 Nov 2014

What does it mean to be bilingual?

We read so many articles about the great benefits of bilingualism, teaching kids our native language, speaking to our kids in another language, etc but what is bilingualism/multilingualism? Who is bilingual? What do you need to call your self a bilingual? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

15 Oct 2014

Families around the world: feeling homesick? {MKB Instagram blog hop}

This post is written for the MKB Instagram blog hop.

Families Around the World: MKB Instagram Blog Hop!

When I was given the theme of families around the world, I thought, literally, my family is scattered around the world (or around Europe for the most part). As a consequence, social media outlets are wonderful to keep in touch with everyone and this is partly why I like blogging.

26 Sep 2014

Eating out in Karlsruhe with kids

Inspired by Speaking Denglish's little guide to Karlsruhe, I thought I'd make my own little guide about decent places to go out for a meal or snack in Karlsruhe as a family (with or without the kids).

15 Sep 2014

School bags around the world

As children in the Northern Hemisphere have almost all gone back to school, the inevitable discussion about school bags and what our children should be carrying on a daily basis on their back is back on the agenda.



14 Aug 2014

Learning letters

LJ, 4, has been "writing" her name for some time now. The letters she write though are all jumbled up and some are upside down. This is, apparently, a completely normal stage of literacy development. And as Germany has a very relaxed attitude towards literacy, it has not evolved much. One of my goal for her summer break is to try and change that.

11 Aug 2014

5 untold truths about living in Germany

You know these little habits that make the Germans and Germany so loveable (or not)? Here are 5 things that will always remind you you are living in Germany (just in case you had forgotten). Some of them annoy me, others I have learnt to live with!

7 Aug 2014

5 myths about raising multilingual children

When it comes to raising multilingual children, most of us have had advice thrown at us whether we wanted it or not. Often that advice is based on fears and clichés. Of course, there is the well-known "your kids will be confused" myths that we have all heard about and have all, hopefully, completely ignored (as it is 100% unfounded).



There are also some myths which are often engrained in people who may be a little more aware of the benefits of multilingualism. I would call them advanced myths. These are statements you may hear or read about in basic literature about raising multilingual children. Often, they will come from people who are aware of the benefits of multilingualism but who may not have experienced it themselves or have not raised multilingual children.

Below I outline 5 myths/ideas which I think need to be clearly laid out and explained as they are unfounded.

4 Aug 2014

Explaining pregnancy to young children {book review}

When I was pregnant, we looked for books to explain to LJ (3/4 years old) what was going to happen. She was rather anxious about changes that would/might arise. She had imagined things that made her very clingy and emotional. She loves books and stories and would happily spend a whole day reading books. So we thought this would be the perfect way to explain how things would work with another family member.

22 Jul 2014

Un weekend à Paris

As I am about to leave for a little break, I leave you to enjoy a virtual stroll in Paris, one of my favourite cities in the world.

18 Jul 2014

Another Brazil: my story

You may have noticed that I like to write about Brazil. You may wonder why that is. Well, wonder no more. I am going to explain myself here.

15 Jul 2014

Our unique bilingual family? {a piri sojourner}

Today, I bring you this post by Olena Centeno from Bilingual Kids Rock in which she reflects about the unique nature of her bilingual family. A lot of multilingual families out there will surely identify with some (if not all) of the issues she mentions. I know I do.

I Thought Our Bilingual Family Was Unique - But It Turns Out We're Not!

11 Jul 2014

Playmobil turns 40

Germany's small towns are great at creating and hosting small businesses that specialise in something very particular and quickly take on the world in their own market. Birkenstock, Huf, and Playmobil are some names you may have heard of. 

8 Jul 2014

Why the World Cup is not all that bad

I never was into football much. 
I am not even sure I understand the offside rule. 
I got to watch it because my husband likes to watch some matches once in a while (he is by no means a huge fan either). 
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