9 Nov 2015

Our family through food: São Tomé fish feijoada

When I was invited to review one of Sasha's Global Table Adventure recipes, I didn't hesitate for one second. I love the idea of cooking a meal from a different country and the recipes I have tried so far were delicious. (I highly recommend the Mauritian Chilli Poppers or the Alfajores amongst many other things).

27 Oct 2015

Foodie penpals: British comfort food

Ever wish you could get a little something from different places without leaving the comfort of your home? We do too.

19 Oct 2015

German kindergarten lunch

Ever wondered what preschoolers and toddlers eat in a German nursery/daycare? Wonder, no more. Here it is.

12 Oct 2015

8 road trip activities for kids that worked (and those that didn't)

Back from our 5300km* road trip, we have learnt a few things or two about our children's abilities to handle travel and how to (not) entertain them.

30 Sep 2015

What I've learnt about living in Germany

A little bit of fun about living in Germany. I thought you might like some random facts about life here, in no particular order.

24 Sep 2015

Why I don't worry about multilingualism

In a world where helicopter parenting seems to be what everyone is doing, I am rapidly running away in the opposite direction. The more I see it, the more I run away from it. And this also applies to multilingualism in our family.

21 Sep 2015

Our story so far...

A few weeks back, I shared my story over on My Expat family's Instagram account (#thepiripirionmyexpatfamily). If you have just recently started reading my blog or if you are just curious, here is a quick picture-based recap of our family story so far.

1 Sep 2015

Their first 10 words: how our life affects our children's languages right from the start

Have you ever thought how your life affects your multilingual children's language right from the very beginning? We know, as parents of bilingual children, that it is vital to speak our chosen language(s) from the start. We read everywhere about consistency and need. But it is quite amazing to realise how a few changes to our children's life affect their first words, for example. 

23 Aug 2015

Learning to write: a multilingual alphabet

Is your child multilingual learning to write? Is s/he interested in letters? Does s/he ask you what a Y is when you tell him Yoda starts with a Y? Mine does all the time and we have found the perfect solution.

Learning to write when your multilingual can be confusing. Letters have different labels and sounds depending on what language your are learning.

19 Aug 2015

What to do when your child refuses to speak your language? (MKB vlogging telephone)

Today I am sharing with you a few ideas about what to do if your child refuses to speak your language. It happens to us. It happens to a lot of families. LJ, 5,  now claims she cannot understand whenever her father speaks to her in Portuguese and so avoids replying Portuguese that way. What can you do? What can we do?

16 Aug 2015

3 days in Nuremberg with kids

We have just come back from 3 days away with the extended family. We had decided to explore a little more of the Germany we do not know. We spent the 3 days in and around Nuremberg with 3 children aged between 1 and 7. There were so many things to do, we ran out of time. It is definitely a great family destination.

5 Aug 2015

Sicily: pastries, history and bins...

I have hesitated to publish this post for a while now.

A couple of years ago, we spent 2 weeks in Sicily. We love Italy and this was meant to be a great family holiday before the arrival of our second baby. Yet, we were left disappointed when we came back. The holiday was great but we didn't feel like Sicily had lived up to its reputation.

29 Jul 2015

Expat goodbyes

As we reach the summer in the northern hemisphere, goodbyes return in full force. Expats leave to go back home or move to another 'home'. Parties are arranged. And everyone says goodbye. It is a sad time to be an expat. 

Saying goodbye is part of our life and an important step into the expat experience.
When we moved to Germany, we had a big party with all of our colleagues and friends. When I left France, I never said goodbye to anyone because it was only meant to be temporary. I feel as though those missed goodbyes when I left France have cost me a few friends and I have always regretted not having kept more in touch with some of them.

9 Jul 2015

Why going 'home' is not always a holiday

As expats and as a mixed couple, visiting family involves 3 different countries. Christmas is always tough and there is always someone unhappy. For a couple of years, we did Christmas in a different country than the one we lived in and New Year in a third one. But this was exhausting, expensive and quickly became untenable with young kids. Whether it is Christmas or any other holiday/vacation time, the choices are always difficult.

3 Jul 2015

Border life

Borders (or the lack of) have always fascinated me. I have always loved the concept of going from one country to another without having to tell anyone or show anything to anyone. Because when you travel between France and Germany (like we do on a weekly basis), there is no border. You don't even notice you are changing country. There are no (visible) customs, no passport control (although you need some kind of ID just in case).

29 Jun 2015

The book that spoke every language (Read around the world series)

Looking for a book to show your child the linguistic diversity out there? Looking for something where s/he can hear and see what other languages look like?

24 Jun 2015

Multilingualism in my family: Frances' story

Meet Frances and her family. Frances' story is a little different from the ones I have published before in that she only introduced her son to her language when he was 4. But it is a great success story too. Read on. It is never too late!
via Flickr - by Nick W

20 Jun 2015

10 things I want to say to my little world travellers (T is for travel)

Here we are sitting in Orlando Airport, after an awesome 3 weeks road tripping around New Orleans and Florida with two children, watching the airport flight board and wondering where next.

16 Jun 2015

Where to buy bilingual and foreign language books

Do you struggle with ordering bilingual books or books in foreign languages? Do you know of specialised book stores for lesser known languages?

12 Jun 2015

Visitors' guide: 2 days in Washington, D.C. with kids

Trying to plan a fun-filled, kid-friendly weekend? With so many amazing and free museums, it can be difficult to choose. Here are some suggestions to help you plan out your itinerary. 

9 Jun 2015

8 Jun 2015

Disney’s poor track record with foreign accents

Children’s films and cartoons are often based on moral stories where a social message is repeated several times: the good almost always triumphs over the bad. And the women are often mothers, princesses or housekeepers but that’s another topic all together! Disney’s questionably poor track record in including characters of other races has been widely discussed. But what about their linguistic diversity? What do these films tell us about language and accents? What decisions are made about language use and language character?

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