1 Oct 2013

Longny-au-Perche, France {Show me your neighbourhood around the world series}

Show me your neighbourhood around the world

I am kicking off what promises to be a great little series, today, with amazing bloggers who are all going to show you/us around their city/neighbourhood. We have 24 countries represented and 33 entries spanning the entire globe. From today until the end of November, every two days, you will be able to discover a little corner of the world you may not know and see how people live there.
You can find the schedule for this little world tour here.

Today I will show you around Longny-au-Perche (or Longny for short). What? It is pronounced something like loney by the locals. It is a very small village (about 1600 inhabitants) in rural North-West France about 160km west of Paris. I could write it is home... but I am not sure it is anymore. It is where I grew up, I got married and where we go, as a family, to relax and see our French family.

Here are my 6 mandatory photos from the village:

a playground

this is one of the two 'playgrounds' in the village - when my daughter goes she always says: 'where is the rest?'

a local mode of transport

no public transport - so you either need a car or one of these if you are young (ok, maybe not my grandfather's one)

a typical house

a small 'block of flats'

a street

a small street bordered by one of the streams that run through the village

a nursery

a local nursery for kids between 3 months and 6 years old - these are rare in rural France. the village is lucky to have one.

a market, supermarket or other shopping outlet

the local weekly market - a tradition where people meet and buy good food

and more photos to give you a taste of life in Longny:

most of the village is in a hole, surrounded by hills. to get out, you must pedal hard as a kid on your bike!
the local church
a flowery summer backyard
an old wash-house - a cool meeting place when you are a teenager
town hall (on a famous wedding day ;-) i.e. there isn't normally that many people kissing each other!)

Our next stop will be in a couple of days over in the Netherlands hosted by Amanda at Life with a double buggy.


  1. how fun! i love that this series is mostly pictures with few words and am looking forward to taking the world tour! -maria

  2. Ooh, love the old wash house!
    I laughed at your daughter asking "where's the rest?" at the playground!

    Forgot to e-mail you, but I've found me on the list and written down when it's my turn. I still have a few days to take my photos.

    1. Perfect! Looking forward to your instalment, obviously.

  3. Adorable!
    I find it curious though that there is a block of flats in a village which seems quite small. Perhaps it goes hand in hand with the nursery.

    1. I know. It is a little pointless really and not very popular. But young people who cannot afford a house do live in them.

  4. Great idea, look forward to reading them all.

  5. What a beautiful little town! This series is going to be so much fun...looking forward to everyone's posts. Thanks for putting it all together!

  6. How idyllic! Looking forward to the rest of the series :)

    1. Not so idyllic when you are 15 and bored! I longed for a big city.

  7. Absolutely loved all of the pictures! Thank you for allowing us a virtual visit of your neighborhood! :)

  8. Salut ! What a beautiful town! And I bet the cheese and wine are great too!

  9. So beautiful and so nice! Hope to visit there someday!

  10. Love the pictures, looks like a really attractive town! I spent a year teaching English at primary and secondary schools in Dreux, which looks like it isn't all that far away.


  11. The town looks very very beautiful and a calm, rejuvenating place to live.

  12. It looks like a beautiful neighborhood and a lovely place to grow up.

  13. This is gorgeous! I am so excited about this series!

  14. What beautiful pictures. It's so real but set back in time given the history! It has a look that somehow manages to stay in style :)

  15. Thanks for sharing your beautiful village!

  16. It's like a fairy-tale town! Very beautiful!


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