Rethinking my identity as a trailing spouse

27 Apr 2018

Trailing spouse: rethinking my identity

I am an introvert. I don't do small talk very well. Inevitably when someone asks me why I live in Germany, my answer includes "my husband's job". And more often than not, I am labelled as a trailing spouse. I have never really thought beyond that. I don't really care what label people put on me. I know my own worth. I am more than trailing.

An intercultural coach I heard give a talk last month made me rethink my own identity and the way I present myself.

I am a trailing spouse. I moved to Germany as my husband got a job opportunity he couldn’t refuse. This is not the whole story.

If you want to read my whole story and read about some tips, the coach gave us to tell our story in a more meaningful way, read my article on I Am A Triangle.

Trailing spouse: rethinking my identity and telling my story
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