10 alternatives to 'Where are you from?'

22 Jun 2018

Last week, again, my girl, 8, who attends an international school was asked by a teacher where she was from. She told me she was not sure what to say at first. She told her story to her friend and then they decided to tell the teacher she was from the U.K. because this is where she was born. But it bothered her. I could tell.

Why are people so intend on asking this question? To be fair, the teacher was only asking to get children to pick a country for an exercise on geography. But still.
I don’t find the question offensive but she could have easily asked where were you born? Where was your mum born? Where have you lived? Or anything else but where are you from?

In this article, I provide 10 alternatives to this question that is troublesome for many. 

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