French resources: our favourite children's books

29 Jan 2013

I think reading is one of the most important thing you can do with your child, whatever age they are. We started reading bedtime stories to our daughter when she was 6-months old. To this day we must have missed only about a couple of days!!

I am always on the lookout for good books. Speaking a minority language (or three) at home often means having to purchase books from abroad or relying on family gifts. Not always easy. So I thought I'd share our favourite French book collections: L'ecole des Loisirs.

"l'├ęcole des loisirs is an independent family-owned publishing group founded in 1913. First specialising in school books, l'├ęcole des loisirs has expanded to become one of the two largest publishing houses for children's books in France. Entirely dedicated to children's books since 1965, our main ambition is to "make reading a pleasure for children"." from their website.

Non, pas le pot! & Le jour du A

They publish quality independent children's books. I have nothing against Mickey and Minnie but nothing beats a well-written story beautifully illustrated. Books come in all formats, shapes and sizes. Variety is key to their collection. Some have lots of text, others not. They publish books from French authors as well as translations from foreign authors from all over the world, so that your kids get small tastes of foreign culture too. 

An example of a translated Japanese book aimed at 3 year olds - love the fact that there are culturally different kids names

What we like best is the annual subscription. It is not cheap, but quality is expensive. Kids receive a book a month for 8 months of the year. They ship worldwide and if you get together with friends, you can get a substantial discount.  There are subscriptions for kids from 0 to young adults.

I really couldn't recommend them highly enough. If you are looking for French books, they are well worth the expense in my opinion.

N.B.: I was in no way paid to write all of this! I really do love this publisher. The quality of their books, stories and collections is one of the best around.


  1. I absolutely agree with you that reading is vital! Our oldest daughter was subscribed to Ecole des Max through this publisher and we really liked it.You can choose the right age level and it's always fun to receive a new book in the mail.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I have been impressed by the Ecole des loisirs books that we have come across.

    Any recommendations for magazines for children in French? I subscribed to Picoti for a year when Griffin was a toddler. Then I started buying used copies from an eBayer in Canada and putting one into the mailbox every month for him to discover. Sneaky but cheap! I like Histoires pour les petits now that he's older.

    By the way, your new website is beautiful! I have updated the URL in my blogroll.

    1. Sarah
      For magazines, have you looked at Bayard Presse? I can't couch for the quality but they are quite popular in France. All ages are represented and they ship worldwide.
      For older kids, I used to love Le Journal des Enfants Very well written and engaging.

  3. 3 years of those books and we love them!!!

  4. These books look stunning and so wonderful that they ship worldwide - that is so hard to find.

  5. What a wonderful collection of French books. I believe finding good books in French is just as hard finding Spanish ones. I too, rely on family to send me good books from Puerto Rico. Thank you for sharing at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop.

  6. Thank you for linking up at the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop - I love this post so I'm thrilled that you selected it.

  7. Thanks for the recommendation and the great Ecole des Loisirs plug.


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